Enterprise Asset Intelligence Podcast

How IoT is Transforming the Security Industry and Making Everyone Safer

Scott Hightower, President of Verified Security, explains how security has evolved as technology has advanced and why that’s better and safer for everyone.   There are few experiences more alarming than being a victim of theft or burglary. Whether it’s your home, your car or your business, the violation of your valuables leaves behind an [...]

The Future of IoT and Data Management

“Data” is the word on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Arguably more valuable than oil, the future of IoT and data is the prodigious power to change business, manufacturing and shipping in incredible ways. No one knows this more than Jim Lester, CEO of ThingTech. Lester joined this episode of ThingTech’s Enterprise Asset Intelligence to […]

Tracking Assets is a Key Part of Accountability and Transparency

One of the largest sources of financial inefficiency for any construction company are expenditures that can be prevented by consistent asset tracking. On this episode of ThingTech’s Enterprise Asset Intelligence podcast, the CEO of yardz, Jason Perez, sat down with Sean Heath and they discussed the simple way to solve this complex issue.   The most common mistake […]

Enterprise Asset Intelligence, powered by ThingTech

The Internet of Things can seem as nebulous as the individual pieces of data that embody it, but Atlanta-based ThingTech is looking to highlight interconnected technologies of the modern business world as it kicks off this inaugural episode of the Enterprise Asset Intelligence Podcast. Host Daniel Litwin sat down with Tim Quinn, CEO and co-founder of ThingTech to discuss […]