How IoT is Transforming the Security Industry and Making Everyone Safer

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Scott Hightower, President of Verified Security, explains how security has evolved as technology has advanced and why that’s better and safer for everyone.


There are few experiences more alarming than being a victim of theft or burglary. Whether it’s your home, your car or your business, the violation of your valuables leaves behind an anxious feeling that is hard to shake.

For this reason, investing in security is a top priority for many Americans. But how effective are modern security systems?

Scott Hightower, President of Verified Security, said security systems are more powerful than ever before thanks to the fast, interconnected nature of IoT (Internet of Things). High-speed internet has allowed security systems to evolve in a revolutionary way, making lives easier, safer and more secure. Thing Tech explores just how security is changing in this episode, diving deep into use cases that help save businesses time and money.

Security systems used to be the analog stuff of the electronics industry, Hightower said, but with broadband-enabled services and interconnected networks, security systems have evolved to include real-time motion sensors, remote operated keypads and mobile cam viewing. Whether in a church, school or facility warehouse, security managers are feeling the difference in how IoT has made their job more efficient, more effective and more accurate.

With 4G, and 5G on the rise, Hightower said security systems are only becoming more valuable. With faster real-time tracking, businesses can monitor not only the goings-on of their facility, but also the location of valuable assets like tools and company cars.

Hightower said one thing remains the same about security—time is money. With IoT at the root of advanced security systems, monitoring has become faster, more accurate and easier for the end-user, raising the bar for everyone. The security systems of today monitor incidents before they happen and stopping theft in its tracks.