ThingTech Solutions

Trade in the paper, spreadsheets and systems that aren’t working for you. ThingTech offers you solutions that make a difference in how your organization works.

» Now access real-time information from across the organization.
» See a single view of what’s happening now—and predict what’s next.
» Manage end-to-end processes seamlessly with automated workflows.
» Get ultimate flexibility anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Fleet Telematics

Monitor vehicles and equipment in real time

It takes smart fleet telematics capabilities to manage the condition, productivity and safety of your fleets. A consolidated view of what’s going on helps you run a smarter operation.

See – Get visibility into the movement and location of every asset in your fleet.

Maintain – Gauge fuel use, temperature and load, and determine preventive
maintenance needs.

Cut costs – Spot driver behavior trends. Determine route efficiencies. Make
money-saving changes.

Be safe – Hard braking, rapid acceleration. Be alerted to unsafe behavior and reduce risk.

Comply – Track vehicle drive time automatically, electronically—and stay ELD compliant.


ThingTech offers a range of devices to support telematics capabilities, including dual dash cameras, and other interior and exterior cameras.

Fleet Management & Maintenance

Streamline operations

Make it easier for your people to do their jobs. Give your fleet managers, vehicle operators, service professionals and parts personnel a single view of the up-to-the-minute utilization, performance and diagnostic data they need.

Prevent breakdowns

Monitor utilization, mileage, engine hours and fuel consumption automatically and in real time to prevent breakdowns.

Plan maintenance on asset-specific information—not OEM recommendations.

Proactively schedule inspections, adjustments, fluid changes, cleaning, testing and worn-part replacement.

Optimize productivity and lifespan of your vehicles and equipment.

Ensure safety of operators, customers, bystanders. Reduce risk.

Asset Management

Know everything about every one of your assets

The world’s changed. Intermittent, inaccurate manual reporting can’t keep up anymore. Keep track of your equipment and tools from a single, smart system accessible from any device—to protect investments, and improve service.

Real-time alerts
Know when a driver’s off-route, a vehicle needs maintenance, or equipment’s missing.

Instant data capture
Monitor environmental conditions, get alerts when problems occur, and fix remotely.

Maintenance management
Utilization, performance & diagnostic data lets you predict maintenance, extend asset life.

Visualization & mapping
Map and correlate assets by location in a single view.

Theft & loss prevention
Keep your fleet safe. Tracking and alerts let you locate and recover missing assets.

Remediation & documentation
Get a lifecycle view of each vehicle, equipment and tool—from acquisition to salvage.

Transit Management

What’s it take for state or local government to make their infrastructure stronger?

An automated solution to efficiently manage fleets and equipment—and help the people whose job it is to make public works work.

Make your operations nimble and manage in a fiscally responsible way. Centralized software makes it easier to operate transportation systems and public services.

Collect and process the data that makes it easy to understand total cost of fleets, assets, equipment and crews.

Manage fleet maintenance and capital replacement based on data, not speculation.

Track and curtail high-risk, high cost driver behaviors.

Access reports to quickly find the real-time and historical data you need.

Get insight for infrastructure and capital planning.