State & Local Government

What’s it take for a government entity to make their infrastructure stronger? Efficient management of fleets, equipment and the people whose job it is to make public works work.

ThingTech understands the importance of nimble infrastructure. We also get the need to manage in a fiscally responsible way. Our industry-specific solution makes it easier to create and maintain the buildings, transportation systems, public spaces and public services that are the foundation of our communities.


Now you can:

  • Collect and process data that makes it easy to understand total cost of fleets, assets, equipment and crews
  • Manage fleet maintenance and capital replacement based on data (not speculation)
  • Track and curtail high-risk, high cost driver behaviors
  • Access reports to quickly find the real-time and historical data you need

ThingTech powers smart communities. Tracking fleet activity. Predicting maintenance needs. Reducing speeding, idling and unauthorized movement of vehicles. Providing insight for infrastructure and capital planning. We help state and local governments be efficient, safe, accountable.

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