ThingTech and Salesforce Driving Innovation in Asset Management

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As a leader in asset optimization, ThingTech has long been partnered and integrated with the most used CRM on the market, Salesforce. This successful relationship is providing even more insights for mutual customers and enabling users to do more with the Internet of Things (IoT) as connected assets grow. Having robust technology for asset management is critical for operations leaders. Being able to have interoperability between your asset management platform and customer relationship management (CRM) software offers you seamless access to information.

This is critical, as, according to CRN, there are several key areas of IoT data growth heading into 2020.

Most of that growth, according to a recent IDC study, will come from the industrial and automotive sectors. Those sectors represent an annual growth rate of 60%, which is due in large part to the increasing number and complexity of sensors capturing data from industrial assets, automobiles and machines.

This data is useless without actionable insights, which is where the aforementioned interoperability and robust nature of ThingTech solutions enter the picture. IDC labeled metadata, like when and how data is created, “a growing source of data to be managed and leveraged,” providing key opportunities to drive intelligent systems and give the data important structure.

How ThingTech and Salesforce Connect

The vital benefit of having these two systems work together is allowing users to leverage their existing CRM systems but enhancing it with specialized asset management workflows. As a result, users can drive more profitability with the necessary tools to better manage their assets, whether they are fleet based or stationary, and the associated service organizations.

Use this information to streamline your service organization and, at the same time, grow revenue and increase customer satisfaction. By using ThingTech’s predictive insights features, you’ll have a more predictable route to higher profits and value for your customers.

The integration with Salesforce offers asset managers the ability to leverage the ThingTech platform—one that’s truly unique. It’s a comprehensive and complete solution for your entire asset ecosystem providing the critical data to inform better decision-making.

What’s New—Greater Connections with New Integrations

The next step in the partnership was to introduce a new user experience and incorporate IoT.

“IOT connected asset growth is exponential, and it’s a smart move for organizations to consider how they can benefit from this trend by evolving from static asset management to dynamic, optimized asset management,” said Jim Lester, CEO of ThingTech. “This is enabled by the vast amount of intelligence that is now being gathered from network-connected assets. We’re pleased to offer our customers an enhanced set of solutions and features built upon our integrated Salesforce solution that will allow them to address the trend while increasing the value of their Salesforce investment.”

Furthering the connection between ThingTech and Salesforce, there are new integrations that deliver even more flexibility and usability.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Integrates with Salesforce

ThingTech’s enhanced, next-generation EAM offers an improved user experience, making asset management easier than ever. By using such an advanced platform, you can accurately maintain physical assets, enabling better planning, optimizing and tracking.

Driving Asset Intelligence Management (AIM)

ThingTech is introducing its new IoT connectivity module to deliver effective AIM. You’ll be able to optimize connected, high-value assets. The transition from simply managing to optimizing with ThingTech’s IoT connector. With this tool, you’ll be able to determine asset locations as well as current and historical usage. You can then configure event-driven workflows based on the status of the asset.

With these new enhancements, you can get even more out of your Salesforce investment. For over five years, the partnership between ThingTech and Salesforce has empowered all kinds of businesses, from private firms to municipalities and global brands, to optimize their assets.

Learn more today about how ThingTech can elevate your asset management efforts.