Tim Quinn’s Live Product Demonstration at Transparency19 Charts the Future of Precision Asset Management in Freight

 In Asset Intelligence

ThingTech, an industry leader in precision asset management, is set to seize the freight industry’s growing demand for supply chain visibility and actionable data based on business rules and workflows. These demands come from digital transformation initiatives, sudden equipment downtime, costly maintenance issues, driver safety, and the desire to command and control company assets out in the world in real-time.

Earlier this month, ThingTech co-founders Tim Quinn and Brian Corcoran delivered a live product demonstration to an audience of freight industry leaders at FreightWave’s freight technology event, Transparency19. ThingTech was handpicked by show sponsor ATDC (The Advanced Technology Development Center) to show the product in a live environment, using a customer’s real world cold chain use case against this backdrop.

By the end, audience members had seen real time location, diagnostic, and performance data at work. As Quinn delivered his presentation, Corcoran walked through ThingTech’s software application in sync. They reached a climactic end by showing how the massive flow of real-time data from ‘things’ [such as vehicles and reefer trailers] is given back as actionable intelligence.

ThingTech’s solution puts actions and workflows on both real-time and historical data. Because the software stores your data forever, ThingTech enables companies to stop things from failing now and leverage large amounts of historical data to predict when things may fail in the future. Having command and control of your assets in real-time makes it easier to solve a problem now or initiate a workflow. For example, the software allows you to automate the process of generating a work order, dispatching a technician, providing directions to the asset’s location, and instructions on what to do to solve the problem.

Hosted in Atlanta, Georgia May 6-8, Transparency19 was a highly immersive 3-day event. With over 1,100 in attendance, and hundreds of organizations represented, Transparency19 featured over 60 expert speakers, hands on training sessions, and over four hours of rapid-fire live product demonstrations.

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