5 IoT Trends That Will Change Business in 2019

 In Asset Intelligence
Here are 5 technology trends to watch in 2019: Smart Things, Smart Workforce, Smart Maintenance, Smart Companies, Smart Cities.

Over the past few years we have seen IoT take on a bigger role in business operations; 2019 will be no exception. The IoT industry is projected to grow to $8.9 trillion by 2020, with 31 billion IoT connected devices being used. Most IoT market trends predict sharp growth. We believe this growth will be propelled by the following trends:

Smart Things

Pairing IoT with your “things” allows you to monitor and map your assets. Smart Things can be as small as a mobile phone or as big as construction equipment. “Things” are connected using various wireless communication methods and can generate actionable data for your business.

Smart Workforce

Pairing IoT with field service allows you to track your fleet, equipment, and workforce. Last year, a UK-based power generation manufacturer implemented IoT in their service division to increase efficiency, leading to increased revenue growth.

Smart Maintenance

Smart maintenance is about using real-time machine data to automate PM schedules and reduce unexpected downtime. Click here to learn how smart maintenance is transforming the production and supply chain industries.

Smart Companies

IoT platforms bring all of a company’s data into one place, allowing for better insight and efficiency. Wyndham Hotels, for example, recently integrated its IoT platform to consolidate data across their 9,000 hotels.

Smart Cities

IoT-enabled street lights, gunshot detection, and transit asset management are three examples of how IoT is helping to create digitally connected, safer smart cities. City of Atlanta was recently recognized for its North Ave Smart Corridor project, which supports smart traffic signals, intelligent street lights, and autonomous vehicles.

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