Top 5 Reasons to Extend Sales and Service Cloud with Telematics

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Digital transformation is everything in today’s industries. The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a tremendous opportunity for organizations looking to achieve digital transformation, especially those that use Salesforce CRM to manage their customer data. To maximize your return on investment in CRM, you’ll need to transform field sales and service with real-time telematics data.


Gathering the right telematics data enables field sales and service professionals to maximize customer engagements, automate workflows, and create a connected customer experience. The right telematics data will be based on your organizational goals and what key performance indicators (KPIs) determine your planned and actual performance against those goals.


Most organizations use telematics data solely to track the location, movement and maintenance of vehicles. Instead, the streaming real-time data being generated by your “things” (i.e. vehicles, assets, equipment, and mobile workers) can be connected back into your Salesforce CRM and used to optimize field sales and service calls, enhance field service delivery automation, increase field service efficiency and accountability, reduce total cost of ownership, and transform customer engagement.


Here are the top 5 reasons you should extend Sales and Service Cloud with telematics.


Optimize Field Sales & Service Calls

Gather real-time telematics data to prioritize accounts based on strategic opportunities. Sync sales and service activities. Turn on a rules-based engine to analyze and respond to events in real-time. Create workflows based on territory, asset condition or performance, rep proximity to job location, or job type.


Enhance Field Service Delivery Automation

Log all sales and service activities in one place–Salesforce. Give field reps access to all customer data with an intuitive mobile application. Automate inspections and work orders to ensure assets are performing at its best. Send work orders with location, job type, and other descriptive data. Easily view and edit customer records directly from the mobile app.


Increase Field Service Efficiency and Accountability

Get a 360° view of schedules, routes, and service statuses to measure planned versus actual activity. Optimize schedules and routes based on hours available and date of last visit. Maximize engagement with your most important customers. Know where your reps are in relation to where they’re supposed to be. Set up geofences around customer locations to know when a sales or service rep enters and exits a job site. Easily verify when jobs were started and completed.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Centralize recordkeeping to improve capital planning. Reduce the cost of maintaining your fleet. Analyze your telematics data to gain actionable insights into how equipment is being used. Extend asset lifecycles by scheduling preventive and predictive maintenance.


Transform Customer Engagement

Improve inventory management and communication with your customers. Enable customers to see when your sales and service reps will arrive. Allow customers to track, monitor and manage their assets in real-time. Automate customer notifications once a field sales or service rep enters a geofence.


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