Vehicles & Equipment

Know what’s going on with your fleet in real time. Keep drivers accountable. Plan accordingly.

ThingTech has the solutions you need to automatically measure performance and identify malfunctioning vehicles and equipment.


GPS tracking

Track every vehicle in your fleet, all your equipment—and drivers and operators too—in real time

Pinpoint where Know where your vehicles, equipment and workers are now

Get more done Optimize routes, streamline operations, be more productive

Trigger real-time alerts Notify drivers and customers instantly, automatically

Keep drivers safe Review history, analyze performance, help them improve

Track utilization & diagnostics Determine preventive maintenance needs, increase uptime

ThingTech’s GPS tracking capabilities provide visibility into your operations. So your business runs better.

More efficient Monitor and manage the location of assets using real time data

More effective Track performance and react to anomalies to keep jobs on track

More secure Protect assets (and people). Prevent accidents, theft and loss


ThingTech’s telematics capabilities give operations managers a birds-eye view of their vehicles and equipment. So they can monitor and manage the condition, profitability and productivity of their fleets.

Combining telecommunications and informatics, telematics provides real-time data on every thing from fuel consumption to current speed and location, from driver behavior to onboard diagnostics.



Get visibility into the movement and location of every asset in your fleet


Gauge fuel use, temperature and load, and determine preventive maintenance needs

Cut costs

Spot driver behavior trends and determine route efficiency. Make money-saving changes

Be safe

Hard braking, rapid acceleration. Be alerted to unsafe behavior and help drivers reduce risk


Track vehicle drive time automatically, electronically—and stay ELD compliant


Preventive Maintenance

Prevent unexpected breakdowns that cut down on uptime
Monitor utilization, mileage, engine hours and fuel consumption—automatically and in real time. So every asset in your fleet receives the service, periodic inspections, and scheduled repairs needed to keep them running strong.

Plan maintenance on asset-specific information—not arbitrary manufacturer’s recommendations

Proactively schedule inspections, adjustments, fluid changes, cleaning, testing and worn part replacement

Optimize productivity, lifespan (and eventual salvage value) of your vehicles and equipment

Help ensure safety of operators, customers, bystanders. Reduce litigation risk

Capital Planning

What kind of return are we getting on each asset we own? What equipment should we repair, relocate or retire? How can we increase the ROI on every vehicle in our fleet?

If capital planning is part of your job, accurate data is key. Precision utilization information helps you answer the questions that impact return—and your company’s financial well-being.

ThingTech enables capital planning best practices

Replace only what needs to be replaced

Derive insights from detailed, dependable data

Make replacement decisions to optimize your business


Mixed Asset Management

Managing multiple vehicles and pieces of equipment across job sites can be a hassle. Especially with so many things waiting to go wrong.

ThingTech helps you manage your mixed assets—regardless of age or OEM. Whether the equipment or vehicles are old or new, and no matter the OEM—our solution tracks them all. Giving you the visibility you need to get every thing back to work as quickly as you can.

Manufacturers build things. Software engineers develop solutions to manage them.

The reality is your fleet comes from a mix of manufacturers. A single OEM can’t deliver you software to manage them all. Rely on the ThingTech team of technology innovators to help.

All your assets / All your OEMs

One view / One solution

Driver / Operator ID

Who’s driving which vehicle when?

When each of your vehicles is operated by multiple drivers, it’s hard to track what’s going on. Manual login/logout sheets aren’t accurate and periodic data capture isn’t enough.

ThingTech’s Driver/Operator ID capability captures the data in real time. So you know who drove, how they drove, where they went—and whether they were authorized to do so.


Here’s how it works:

  • Drivers scan a card when the vehicle turns on or off. If they forget, alerts remind them.
  • Fleet Managers get alerts if driving is reckless. Real time data on all driver activity is uploaded.

Solution benefits:

  • Visibility Know who’s operating which assets—all in a single view.
  • Accountability Monitor drivers’ behavior. Assure only authorized drivers drive.
  • Productivity Get insights to improve processes and make smarter decisions.


Dynamic reports, the way you want to see them—and receive them

It’s easy to build reports in ThingTech:

  • Choose what time-series you want to review
  • Save them to your favorites for easy access
  • Schedule when to send to managers, colleagues, customers

Don’t like what you see? Send the data to Salesforce via our bidirectional connector.


Dashboards designed around you

ThingTech shows you what needs your attention now:

  • You navigate the data needed to decide what to do next
  • You access tools that let you make things right

No more digging through data to find the problem

ThingTech presents the real-time views you need to manage by exception. So you deal with what’s most important first. That means resolution is faster, negative impact is minimized—and the operations team experiences less stress