Service Management

ThingTech’s service management solution gives you tools to better serve customers.

So you can optimize inspection and maintenance of equipment and vehicles. Track work progress and verify completion. And collect and store critical data that lets you measure job profitability. We have every thing you need.


Service Order Management

Right person. Right place. Right time. ThingTech gets it—and we have the automated service order management tools to help you deliver.

Be aware now.
Real-time alerts let you know when an asset’s condition or behavior is outside set parameters.

Troubleshoot now.
Remote diagnostics and remote repair with over-the-air (OTA) updates save time.

Deploy now.
Automate work order creation and assignment for onsite repair—and service verification.

Service Verification

Close the loop. ThingTech confirms your service order was executed right—and helps you continuously improve. Automatically record arrival and departure time stamps based on GPS data and geofencing work location.

Assure work was performed as planned.

Evaluate team performance, customer satisfaction.

Determine how service could be enhanced.


Job Routing

You should know better. A technician is sent to a job to fix a piece of equipment. It’s not there. Know where everything is and be routed automatically. Know in advance, before someone’s dispatched, of any changes in condition and location.

Things Move.
Know where the job and equipment are, as well as the assigned technician.

Things Change.
Keep on course, complete the job—and win more business.

Things Happen.
Provide customers updates based on real-time information.

Location Tracking

Track both teams and equipment in real-time. Get visibility on location, progress, and timing. Get insight to optimize service.

Know where your workforce is.
No more calling and texting drivers for updates—and guessing their ETA.

Keep stakeholders informed.
Give those who are waiting access to arrival status. Send real-time alerts.

ThingTech’s location tracking capabilities make it easier for your mobile workers to do their jobs, and keep customers satisfied.



Make sure your people—and things—are where they’re supposed to be. Be alerted in-real time if they move when you don’t expect them to, or they don’t show up to perform a job. ThingTech lets you set up proximity features so you can track workers, equipment and vehicles as they enter and leave a geofence or perimeter.

Eliminate manual tracking.
Geofencing lets you auto-track, so you accomplish more for less.

  • Verify sales and service delivery
  • Dispatch the nearest technician
  • Coordinate equipment transport
  • Investigate reckless driving
  • Prevent loss and theft

Fixed Geofences
A geofence around a construction site enables you to keep tabs on who and what enters or leaves.

Mobile Geofences/Perimeters
Tied to things not places, an outward-facing perimeter on a truck lets a driver detect what they’re looking for, like the nearest service station.

Time-Series Geofences
Review driver performance during a specific timeframe such as just before an accident or following a complaint.

Job/Customer Sites

Get a big picture view. ThingTech’s mapping and visualization capabilities let you keep an eye on your job and customer sites. Our GPS and Bluetooth tagging streamline operations, make your workplaces safer—and help prevent loss.


  • Weather conditions
  • Light and non-powered equipment
  • Vehicles coming and going
  • Contractors and work crews