Safety & Compliance

Work order management. Documented inspections. Driver tracking and accountability. Real-time alerts.

ThingTech’s data-driven solution gives you tools to enable safety, and stay compliant.

OSHA, ANSI/CSA Compliance

Collect and combine data that helps you comply

ThingTech helps you reduce workplace injury—and stay OSHA and ANSI/CSA compliant—by configuring your rules, workflows and alerts to optimize inspections, training and documentation. Better business processes surrounding use of your equipment, including aerial lifts (MEWPs), keep your people safer, and your business stronger.


operational behaviors that could put your people—and your company—at risk


equipment and plan scheduled maintenance to assure compliance


inspections, service—and training—for easy access in event of audit or review


number of claims filed, insurance costs and liability by staying compliant

Dual Dash Cams

See for yourself. Replay an on-the-road incident within minutes. ThingTech’s GPS capabilities and video cameras mounted on the dashboards of your vehicle or heavy equipment fleet let you easily view driving events from two cameras, external facing and driver facing. So you get answers you need.

  • What happened and who was at fault?
  • How could this event have been prevented?
  • What can we do to keep it from occurring again?

Access to unbiased footage provides proof, protection

Know what to do next
Coach drivers with an individualized approach—and help them be their best

Act quickly, decisively
Speed investigation, mitigate risk, minimize liability—protect your business


Multi Camera Devices

What happened here?

When your remote asset is a large vehicle or heavy equipment, multiple interior and exterior cameras let you keep an eye on every thing. In the event of an incident (or allegation) you get the multiple views needed for quick resolution.


Are you monitoring every asset in your fleet? Regular equipment inspections insure your mixed asset fleet is compliant. Plus they save you money and time in the long run, preventing breakdowns that lead to replacement, and enabling minor repairs to be addressed before they become major.

ThingTech makes it easier to conduct inspections. Our solution gives you flexibility to create customized inspection forms. So whatever your asset—a vehicle, a piece of equipment, a building or any other thing—you’re able to streamline the process.

  • Create a custom pdf inspection template
  • Easily access inspection forms from our mobile app
  • Generate work orders from inspections with workflows

Driver Accountability

Know who’s in the drivers’ seat

Stay compliant with OSHA, state and union requirements. Make sure everyone operating every backhoe, crane, or any other equipment is authorized.

  • Avoid financial and reputation damage that comes with being non-compliant
  • Operators who are trained and experienced have fewer accidents