Industrial Equipment

If your HVAC, plumbing and heating, power, water, medical or other equipment isn’t working when you need it, business can grind to a halt.

Delays and disruption keep you from keeping promises, and hit your bottom line hard.

ThingTech’s industrial equipment solution reduces the risk of downtime. At the same time it prevents you from performing—and paying for—unnecessary service. You maintain equipment based on precise data rather than arbitrary manufacturers’ guidelines. So your operations continue on schedule, on budget and up to the standards your customers expect.


Now you can:

  • Get real-time insights into equipment performance in your facility and in the field
  • Know diagnostics in advance and dispatch technicians with parts and tools needed
  • Collect time-series data for trend analysis, machine learning and product improvements
  • Optimize efficiency with remote monitoring and precision asset management—with a smaller workforce
  • Benefit from mapping and visualization of customers’ equipment status, and prioritize schedules based on need
  • Respond faster, complete the job quicker, and beat the competition with outstanding service

Command and control your operational assets. For well-tuned operations, your industrial equipment has to be in working order. ThingTech makes it easy to keep track of everything needed to keep assets operating.

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