Heavy Equipment Rental

Backhoes, air compressors, compactors, boom lifts, dozers, generators, and more.

When your heavy equipment’s not rented, it’s costing you. When they’re leased but not fully utilized, your earnings drop. And when they break down, you’re not making all the money you should.

ThingTech understands the challenges of equipment rental companies like yours. Our industry-specific solution gives you visibility to help optimize rentals, boost utilization and maintain equipment proactively—making you more profitable.


Now you can:

  • Get real-time information about the assets you own
  • Track utilization to make sure billing is accurate
  • Maintain equipment proactively to prevent downtime
  • Save on transportation and logistics expenses
  • Prevent loss and theft with GPS trackers, geofencing and perimeters
  • Bill faster and more accurately, get paid sooner

Tap into the who what when where and why. Get the data you need to see what’s happening with your rental equipment now, and predict what’s next. So you can serve your customers better, and make your business better too.

Utilization-based pricing makes your equipment management business strong.
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