In your business it’s a big deal when excavators sit idle. Your backhoe breaks down. Or the generator delivered yesterday now can’t be found.

These are scenarios that waste time, cost money, and keep your crew from completing the job on time and on budget.

ThingTech knows what’s important to construction companies like yours. We’re here to help. We have an industry-specific solution to the unwelcome unpredictability you face every day.


Now you can:

  • Get a single view of the performance of your equipment and workforce
  • Reduce risk and increase safety across your ecosystem
  • Manage your entire mixed asset fleet to reduce downtime, and make smarter decisions
  • Prevent injury, prevent theft
  • Manage new and old equipment to optimize maintenance—and extend useful life
  • Stay in compliance with industry regulations

What you need to know now. Where’s your equipment? How long will it take to get to the job site? How’s it being used? Who’s operating it? When does it need to be serviced next? Get the answers and insights you need, with ThingTech.

Why construction dispatchers need more than telematics. Construction dispatchers are responsible for getting equipment, shipments, and personnel to the jobsite on time.
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