Industry Solutions

ThingTech has a solution built specifically for your industry.

Whether your business is heavy equipment rental, construction, field service, industrial equipment, government or specialty logistics, we have the breadth of features and depth of capabilities you demand in an enterprise asset management solution.

Heavy Equipment Rental

Backhoes, air compressors, compactors, boom lifts, dozers, generators, and more. When your heavy equipment’s not rented, it’s costing you. When they’re leased but not fully utilized, your earnings drop. And when they break down, you’re not making all the money you should.


In your business it’s a big deal when excavators sit idle. Your backhoe breaks down. Or the generator delivered yesterday now can’t be found. These are scenarios that waste time, cost money, and keep your crew from completing the job on time and on budget.

Field Service

Where’s the service person you promised? How come the technician you sent showed up without the part? Why didn’t they know what they were coming for? Your customers are wondering. Your balance sheet’s off. Your reputation’s at stake.

Industrial Equipment

If your HVAC, plumbing and heating, power, water, medical or other equipment isn’t working when you need it, business can grind to a halt. Delays and disruption keep you from keeping promises, and hit your bottom line hard.

State & Local Government

What’s it take for a government entity to make their infrastructure stronger? Efficient management of fleets, equipment and the people whose job it is to make public works work.

Specialty Logistics

Perishables, pharmaceuticals and other specialty items need to be handled just so. The transit environment needs to be monitored. Travel time needs to be tracked. And condition at destination needs to be determined before the shipment arrives.