Asset Intelligence

Being smart about your things. Knowing their status now. Having ability to predict their status in the future. That’s what asset intelligence is all about.

Imagine knowing the who, what, when, where and why about every vehicle, piece of equipment, tool—even your field services team. Think what it’d be like having instant answers to important questions about every asset.

When was the dozer delivered? What are conditions of our shipment in transit? When will the backhoe need preventive maintenance? Where’s our mobile workforce working today? What’s the salvage value of our grader? Where’s the exact location of each of our vehicles off site?

The world has changed. Operations management teams no longer have to rely on intermittent, inaccurate manual reporting. Instead they benefit in a big way from the capability to monitor things out in the world in real time—and make predictions about what happens next.

Real-Time Alerts

Need your fleet manager to know when a truck is speeding, idling or braking too fast? Want your dispatcher aware of an off-route rep? Need a customer alerted when the excavator arrives? Want your maintenance team aware that a forklift needs attention? Set up real-time alerts that notify them immediately about what they need to know.

All you do is define the alert trigger, and decide who receives it and how. From there, it’s automatic.

There’s plenty of leeway when it comes to our real-time alerts. Should your drivers slow down when it snows? Trigger a lower speed-limit alert when the vehicle’s windshield wipers are on. You have that much control.

Send automated alerts and instant responses in real-time, via email, and/or text.

Instant Data Capture

When every minute matters, instant data capture counts. ThingTech monitors time-series data to confirm your things perform as they should.

Here’s an example of how it works

  • Instant data capture lets you monitor environmental conditions (e.g. temperature)
  • You’re alerted when anomalies are detected
  • You make adjustments remotely to fix the problem
  • The perishables or pharmaceuticals in transit, for example, stay fresh

Maintenance Management

Extend the life of your things, and make them work harder for you and your customers. How? With the predictive, preventive, corrective management capabilities that only ThingTech has.

You can’t run your business with spreadsheets anymore and remain competitive. And you can’t manage your equipment or vehicles based only on OEM guidelines. The only way to optimize operations is with a maintenance management program based on up-to-the-minute utilization, performance and diagnostic data.

How does our solution give you more vehicle and equipment uptime? We have more data about all your assets, and more user tools to manage them, all in a single system. So you can easily monitor and execute work orders and inspections using one, super-efficient tool.

Visualization & Mapping

Map any thing, with ThingTech. Learn the location of each asset instantly. Get geographic context about every aspect of your business. Make decisions that make your customer relationships—and your bottom line—stronger.

One view
Get layers of data in a single relational view

  • Map all your assets.
  • Correlate them to work sites, customer locations, buildings and more.

Deep insight
Visualization helps you get the most out of your assets

  • Are my assets where they should be?
  • Where could they be to deliver more value?

Minimal effort
You don’t need to be an IT pro to make mapping happen

  • It’s easy to map assets with ThingTech.
  • The capability is baked into the solution, so set up’s simple.

Theft & Loss Prevention

Protect your investments. Keep your team working. ThingTech’s got what it takes to keep vehicles, equipment and tools safe from theft and loss—and help you recover them should it occur.

Powerful GPS technology, bread crumb tracking and instant alerts help you locate and recover high- and low-value assets. Safeguard what’s yours. Assure every thing is where it’s supposed to be.

Before a suspect could escape with a $30,000 mini-excavator, he was met by police. The mini-ex was reported missing, possibly stolen, from a nearby job site. While the thief made the point that it wasn’t easy to tell this kind of equipment apart, the fleet manager of the construction company—and ThingTech client—emailed police indisputable evidence leading to an arrest and recovery of the property.


Remediation & Documentation

Think of this ThingTech capability as your audit trail of assets. From purchase to disposition and everything in between, you get a full lifecycle view of what’s gone on with every vehicle and each piece of equipment you manage.

The record includes every data point—so you’re not only assured your assets have been well taken care of, you have proof you need to optimize salvage value.


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