ThingTech offers the range of devices to meet your needs—and budget. 

From real-time cellular devices to those powered by QR codes, we’ll help you select the devices right for you.  

QR Code
$ Low cost of entry:

  • Provides last known location
  • Mobile app scan
  • Assign code to asset
  • Manage inventory

$$ Lower cost of entry:

  • BLE (Bluetooth low energy)
  • Wifi/Cellular gateway reads unique ID transmitted by BLE Tag
  • Provides visibility of asset based on proximity
  • Limited theft prevention
  • Enables loss prevention

Battery Powered Low Energy Cellular/Wifi
$$$ Affordable cost of entry:

  • Infrequent communication (12-24 hours)
  • Theft and loss prevention
  • Location tracking not utilization/diagnostics

Real-Time Cellular
$$$$ High Value Solution:

  • Near real-time location data
  • Utilization, diagnostics data
  • Multiple use cases
  • Heavy equipment, trucks and vehicles