When the ThingTech team demos what our solution can do, we get a gratifying response.

Executives in charge of managing expensive equipment, large-scale fleets and field service teams often aren’t aware the capabilities we offer, exist. When they see how ThingTech manages assets in real-time to help run a better business; and when they learn how our insights strengthen customer relationships—this is what rewards us most. 

Let our industry veterans and data obsessives introduce you to the possibilities of precision asset management. 

Our Story

The year was 2014. That’s when ThingTech’s founders identified deficiencies in existing telematics and asset management solutions to deliver real-time data integration into mission-critical processes. Leveraging the IoT was the only way to optimize high value, high performance assets—all on a single platform.

These two knew the time was right to build a new solution to give visibility into operations now—and provide insight to plan for tomorrow. They were also confident the place was right. Which is why ThingTech is proud to call technology-savvy, business-friendly Atlanta, home.

Today, our company—named a Top 10 Innovative Technology Company in Georgia—helps hundreds of companies save more, make more—and be more competitive.

It’s easy to put precision asset management to work.

ThingTech’s plug and play, so it starts paying for itself in a matter of months—delivering faster time-to-value than other options out there.

ThingTech is powerful—and our people are obsessed with customer success. We’re with you every step of the way.

Meet the Team

Engineers, technologists, problem solvers. We love putting our brains together to build robust solutions that are easy to use—and help our customers win.

Join Us

Wanted: Amazing people to join our team.

If working with inspiring leaders and an empowered team—in a great space at Tower Place 100 in Atlanta—is what you’re looking for, you’re at the right place. See what’s open now, and contact us today.

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