Three Pillars of IoT Adoption: Connectivity, Cost and Device Durability

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What is the future of IoT? In today’s ever more connected world, innovations surrounding 5G and the Internet of Things, or IoT, are set to shape the future in unprecedented ways. There are three pillars of this new industrial age – connectivity, cost and device durability.

Connectivity will be driven by the growth of IoT devices – what is now confined to smartphones and tablets will spread to nearly endless applications, such as industrial sensors, medical devices, vehicles and more.

With this boosted connectivity, more personalized user experiences, more actionable insights, new opportunities and streamlined processes are all ready to take enterprise capabilities to the next level.

While costs are a major concern for most, leveraging an implementation strategy that brings 5G and IoT together can provide even more significant benefits for enterprises.

These include increased flexibility, less downtime, higher quality and oversight, proactive and predictive maintenance, and informed and agile decision-making.

Finally, device durability will be key – without devices ready to handle this paradigm shift, these technologies can’t deliver on their extensive potential.

With devices that stand up to heavy demand, the supply chain improvements, interconnectivity, insights and operational optimization will be ready to consistently drive growth and success.

As these three trends materialize, moving from static asset management to dynamic asset management will become the norm. To learn more about ThingTech’s role in this exciting frontier, visit