Innovation Blooming With Enterprise IoT’s Explosive Growth

 In Industry News

Industrial IoT is a rapidly expanding market, leading many startup companies to seek funding. Tech startup Samsara, for instance, recently announced it is raising $300 million in fresh funding, which brings its total worth to about $6.3 billion. Particle is also raising $40 million for its endeavor to connect the unconnected. This fundraising comes alongside intentions of expanding into new countries and industries. Startups and companies in industrial IoT need to develop sustainable business models, and, naturally, companies that are innovative and serve market needs through multi-faceted approaches have a competitive edge. It’s evident from the injection of capital across the industry that the landscape of the internet of things world is evolving and becoming increasingly competitive. This growth has led to collective investment in companies like Samsara, Particle and ThingTech. However, ThingTech had made it clear that it is in a class of its own in the industry.

Multi-Asset Solutions from Any Source

ThingTech solutions offer more than industrial IoT. Our platform gathers the information you need regarding multiple assets, from vehicles to generators and everything in between. Data can be collected from any source, including sensors, machines, and phones. These multi-faceted capabilities integrate into one platform that provides real-time data, which has earned ThingTech recognition from Venture Atlanta as a top company to watch.

Customizable for Your Business Processes

Since ThingTech focuses on serving North American countries with personalized service, you can expect solutions that fit your field and needs. Customize alert triggers to fit your industry. For instance, you can send alerts to customer service for rental equipment returns or to your fleet manager when drivers are out of compliance. Alerts can be created simply for your actual business processes and operating structure, as there is no “one-size fits all” approach. 

Experienced Leadership

One of the crucial indicators of a startup’s sustainability is the experience brought to the business by key players. ThingTech’s leadership brings a wealth of experience, including in bringing new products to market across the Fortune 500 market. Combined, this leadership team develops innovative, effective and sustainable solutions.

Customer-Focused Solutions and Services

ThingTech focuses on providing high-quality solutions to customers, and precision asset management is most effective when solutions are tailored to suit customers. ThingTech’s leadership is obsessed with customer success and finding value in solutions and services that actually work. 

A Sustainable Model

While explosive growth has surrounded the market with hype to match, ThingTech continues innovating through a relentless focus on our foundation – our customers.  

Our enterprise IoT solutions are extensible and real-time, allowing us to provide high levels of quality and performance and to meet your precision asset management needs.