Why Construction Dispatchers Need More Than Telematics

 In Tracking & Maintenance

Construction dispatchers are responsible for getting equipment, shipments, and personnel to the jobsite on time. Shouldn’t we try and make their job as easy and efficient as possible? Knowing where their things are while in transport is important, but construction companies should also provide dispatchers with easy access to maintenance history, real time location tracking, and an intuitive mobile application.

We understand how important your job is; one piece of missing equipment can shut down an entire construction project, costing your company thousands (possibly millions). Now, picture monitoring in [real-time] the most important aspects of your job from your seat in the control and command center. The second something goes wrong, or is about to, you can notify the right personnel to have the problem fixed immediately. Here are three ways enterprise asset intelligence can make a dispatcher’s life easier:


Give site supervisors the relief knowing equipment will function without a problem and prevent delays to job completion, because before sending it to site you verified preventative maintenance and inspections where up to date. If there is an issue with your equipment, you’ll know before something happens, increasing safety to workers and minimizing equipment downtime.


Never lose track of your equipment, drivers or job statuses. You can monitor routes, mileage, arrival/departure time, and time spent between and at locations. Geofences will alert you when a specific piece of equipment enters or exits a jobsite, equipment rental location, or storage yard. You can also use geofences to identify personnel or equipment closest to a job location, which gives you the ability to respond quickly to unscheduled pickups and drop-offs. For site supervisors and operations managers, an enterprise asset intelligence solution also helps keep an eye on project-related equipment and personnel in real-time.


The right enterprise asset intelligence solution extends to the field, as well as clients who want to stay updated with the status of projects. It can also make your job easier by streamlining dispatch and scheduling, and providing turn-by-turn directions to drivers so they arrive to the right jobsite on time. You can also optimize work orders by assigning the right worker to the right job, prioritizing work orders, determining travel time, and eliminating misuse. Access information anywhere, from any device, and share information across the organization.

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