Revisiting the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018

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ThingTech accompanies City of Atlanta for the second consecutive year in Barcelona, Spain for Smart City Expo World Congress 2018.

Every November, cities from all over gather in Barcelona, Spain for the Smart City Expo World Congress. The City of Atlanta attended the three day event again this year, and ThingTech, along with other startups, joined them. The goal of the Expo is to share innovations and empower cities to continue to improve and make cities smarter. Cities and Companies present their latest technological advancements and implementations, with hopes of expanding them worldwide. By implementing the new technologies, cities will hopefully become more sustainable and livable.

This is ThingTech’s second year attending the Expo. Last year ThingTech’s CEO, Tim Quinn, delivered a talk on ThingXTM IoT Platform. ThingTech’s ThingXTM platform integrates IoT enterprise asset management (EAM), IIoT connectivity and field service automation. All your Assets are connected, on a single platform. ThingXTM supports gunshot detection, smart street lights, and traffic sensors, all of which are a hope of the North Avenue Smart Corridor.

The City of Atlanta received the Mobility award for its North Avenue Smart Corridor project. The North Avenue Project will create a multimodal transit system. This is the beginning of Atlanta becoming a Smart City. The Project was announced in August 2017, as a partnership with Georgia Tech that had been in the works since 2015.  The goal of the project is to create a safer way for Pedestrians and Cyclists to travel, implement adaptive traffic lights and gunshot detection, all while easing traffic along the corridor. The Smart City awards at the Expo were given for “[pursuing] applications for urban innovation and transformation.1” With the constant growth in Atlanta, the city must work to make it easier for people to live, work, and commute, and the Smart Corridor will facilitate this.