Top 5 Mobile Application Features Used by Field Service Managers Like You

 In Service Management

In the digital age we live in today, wouldn’t it be nice to manage day-to-day field operations from your mobile?

ThingTech’s mobile application allows you to track your fleet, equipment, and mobile workforce in real-time while showing you the exact location of all of your assets. All of your data is on the go, in the palm of your hand. Here are the top 5 mobile application features used by other field service managers like you!

Mapping and Navigation

Know the precise location of your workers, your assets, and their future paths and locations. Also, ThingTech gives you the ability to easily augment and/or integrate your streaming IoT data with Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, ESRI ArcGIS, and other third-party data sources.

Real-Time Route Planning and Job Scheduling

Workers (and you!) will be given the most efficient routes between jobs, ensuring there is no time wasted. Also, leverage ThingTech to identify the closest or best available worker to a job location.

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Receive notifications when a worker is speeding, idling, off schedule, as well as when they arrive or leave a worksite. Alerts help to keep you informed, keep everyone save, reduce costs, and increase efficiency across the board. Alerts also enable you to be in multiple places at once by allowing you to check up on job sites from the very palm of your hand.

API Integration

Enables you to review past routes, locations, alerts, and events, therefore allowing you to streamline processes and anticipate future needs and problems before they occur. ThingTech Mobile takes any data it is given and makes it mappable. ThingTech integrates your data from the app straight to SalesForce. Your accounts, contacts, and work orders will automatically be added, saving you time (one of your most valuable assets) in the future.


Set parameters for your assets. Custom geofences allow you to control the location of your assets, and you will receive alerts if they leave their assigned area.


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