ATDC Selects ThingTech for its 2018 Venture Showcase to Boston

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ThingTech joins the ATDC roadshow in Boston to promote IoT solutions for the healthcare industry.

ThingTech is among eight Atlanta-based startups, that are raising a Series A round, participating in ATDC’s exclusive 2018 Venture Showcase to Boston. Each startup will have the opportunity to present to VCs and pitch their healthcare technology solutions.

“I’m excited to be here in Boston. It’s been a great event,” says Tim Quinn, CEO and Co-founder at ThingTech. “We’ve been quite successful helping asset-heavy organizations across transportation/distribution, professional services, and state and local government. And with the success we’ve had helping medical supplies companies automate and enhance their operations, we want to productize our solution and accelerate IIoT adoption in the healthcare industry.”

In a recently published solution brief, ThingTech shares how in 2017 a leading U.S. provider of medical supplies and surgical equipment collaborated with ThingTech to create a connected workforce and bring real-time telematics data into Salesforce. The company chose ThingTech because of its end-to-end IoT platform that comes fully integrated with Salesforce.

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