How ThingTech’s Core Values Drive Profitability and Environmental Sustainability

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Environmental sustainability is engineered into ThingTech’s DNA, beginning with our core values. We value eco-friendly business practices because it’s the right thing to do. Our team shares a common concern for the world in which we live, and will leave behind to our children. So, we’ve taken purposeful steps towards building a profitable, green business that reflects our common ideals across brand standards, business solutions and workspace.

Sustainability isn’t a byproduct of our success, it’s by design. The IoT industry, in which we compete, is filled with nascent and recognized brands. Reflecting on our niche among this vast number of players, we recognized that it was important to stand out and up for something beyond profitability. So, we incorporated green into our logo, which symbolizes our commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

The changing landscape of industries has profound implications on business problems, and the solutions we provide to solve them. For example, promotion of climate change issues, compliance to federal regulations (e.g. ELD Mandate), rising/fluctuating gas prices, and driver shortages in the trucking industry are pushing companies to explore the IoT. ThingTech has developed accurate and reliable solutions that effectively solve for each of these pain points, and more. Most importantly, our solutions produce measurable results in reducing inefficient routes, wasteful idling, carbon emissions, and fuel costs related to non-renewable energy.

We also signal our commitment to environment-friendly business practices in the workspace we occupy. ThingTech’s office is located at the Armour Yards, in the heart of Atlanta. Fifteen-foot high windows span the length of our northwest wall. White walls work to help this workspace fill with natural light during business hours, allowing us to reduce our energy costs. What’s more, we limit the use of paper (our office has only one printer) and we promote the use of ceramic coffee mugs and dishes in the breakroom.

ThingTech has built a profitable, eco-friendly business from the ground up, and will continue to invest in people, processes, and technologies that produce meaningful results for our company and environment.